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AutoCAD Pattern Data

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AutoCAD Pattern Data at the CNF

Manager: Karlis Musa
Equipment Training
The Computing website has moved to:


The Cornell NanoScale Facility has the capability to accept certain pattern data in Auto-CAD format. Auto-CAD is a general drafting program, and many of the pattern constructs have no counterpart in CAD for lithography systems; therefore, only a few, select constructs are acceptable. Also, for certain types of patterns, Auto-CAD is not a good system to use at all. Please check with the CNF staff to find out about other pattern options before you begin.


  • Files must be in Auto-CAD .DXF format (.DWG files are not acceptable.) Save AutoCAD data to version 12 .DXF files. This will make the data more compatible with our converters. (.DXF is an ASCII interchange format, while DWG is a version dependant binary format.)
  • Please use Microns as the unit size when preparing your drawing.
  • All objects must be drawn as POLYLINES, where the outline of each shape is drawn as a polyline. Note that shapes with 3 vertices are not valid shapes... polylines must include at least 4 vertices.
  • Circles, arcs, and other more complex shapes should all be approximated with polylines. Note that polylines should contain fewer than 200 vertices, so large curves may have to be split into smaller segments to meet this limitation.
  • Most of the

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