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Edge Bead Removal System

EBR System

EBR System Backup: Garry Bordonaro
Equipment Training
Training upon request.


This Edge Bead Removal System uses a Brewer Science Cee Flange Spinner Model 200 platform along with a Nordson 752 Series Diaphragm Dispense Valve and their patented BackPack valve actuator controlled by their ValveMate 8000 Controller. The nozzle is mounted on a 4-axis cantilevered T-Slot arm with position micrometer on the X-axis for adjusting the bead size. It utilizes Microposit EBR 10A as a solvent.


This setup can accommodate 51mm to 150mm standard size substrates, but the default is 100mm.

Processes Available:

An EBR recipe is available and it consists of process steps.

Step 1: 300 RPM [Speed], 400 RPM/Sec [Acceleration], 20 Sec [Step Time], #2 [Dispense]
Note that Dispense time will be 18 seconds

Step 2: 2000 RPM [Speed], 1400 RPM [Acceleration], 15 Sec [Step Time]

Note: One might need to run this recipe multiple times depending on the thickness of the resist.


The clean edge prevents failure and contamination in exposure, reactive ion etch and thin film deposition.

Additional Resources:

Equipment Information Sheet


Cleaned on the system.

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