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P10 Profilometer

CAC Name: P10 Profilometer

Equipment for measuring surface topology in the micron or finer scales.

Backup: Phil Infante
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A profilometer is a useful metrology tool used to measure surface characteristics in the micron or finer scale. It is an ideal tool for film thickness measurements, wear scar measurements, step height measurements in semiconductor fabrication, etch depth and surface roughness. The unit is a stylus-based surface profiler, with a motorized XY stage with variable speed, capable of 1 Å resolution, 280-300 um vertical dynamic range, 60mm scan length, 1 µm/sec to 25 mm/sec scan speed and 150-600X image magnification. Outputs include displays of scan, roughness and waviness traces with a data summary table listing up to 39 parameters. Some of the standard parameters include Ra, Rq, Wa, Wq, and StpHt.


  • 1Å resolution
  • 300um vertical dynamic range
  • 60mm scan length
  • 1µm/sec to 25mm/sec scan speed
  • 150-600X image magnification.

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