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Anatech Resist Strip

CAC Name: Anatech Resist Strip

Anatech Plasma Asher

Anatech USA,  model SCE-110-RF Backup: Christopher Alpha , Daniel McCollister
Equipment Training
Training is "as needed", and set up through email.


The Anatech USA, model SCE-110-RF, Oxygen plasma Asher is a 10 inch diameter all quartz barrel asher. It is ICP powered 13.56 MHz up to 1000 Watts. It is equipped for both oxygen and nitrogen plasma.


The touch screen controller is configured to run up to 3 step processes, and the first step can be programmed to terminate at a temperature set point on a chamber probe.

Processes Available:


Typically wafer descum after developing resist, and stripping resist after an etch.

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Equipment Information Sheet

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