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AJA Ion Mill

CAC Name: AJA Ion Mill

AJA Ion Mill Backup: Tom Pennell
Equipment Training
Training is about 1.5 hours and is done as needed. A short etch will be included in the training. Send e-mail to both Jerry Drumheller ( Rob Ilic ( discuss process applicability and set up a convenient training time.


The AJA Ion Mill is a 22cm diameter Kaufman RF-ICP gridded ion source producing a collimated Argon ion beam which provides uniform etching of samples up to 6 inch diameter. The sample holder is water cooled at 20 degrees C. and has motorized tilt (0-180 degrees), and continuous sample rotation up to 25 RPM. The system is Cryo Pumped with a base pressure in the 10-8 torr range.


Etching a wide range of Materials at rates which are related to their sputter yield. The wafer tilt and rotation feature is typically used to control the etch wall angle.

Processes Available:

The system is set with 4 different beam energies: 400V, 600V, 800V, and 1000V.


Ion milling is often very useful for etching of materials which are difficult to RIE. Magnetic,Super conducting, Metal Oxides, Metal Nitrides, Piezoelectric, Noble Metals ( Au, Pd etc).

Additional Resources:

Equipment Information Sheet

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