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GenISys Layout LAB

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All in One Lithography Simulation

Equipment Training
Please contact the tool manager for training.


Lithography simulation enables virtual exploration of a huge parameter space in little time. The fast and accurate calculation of the intensity image enables layout optimization (OPC), mask layout verification, optimization of process conditions (e.g. illumination, stack) and process window (e.g. gap or defocus and exposure dose variation) by varying layout and/or exposure parameters. Thousands of experiments can be computed “overnight” without producing masks or “burning” wafers.


  • VisualFLOWTM graphical user interface for drag & drop design of process flows
  • Import, Export of all major layout for mats (GDSII, CIF, DXF)
  • Layout Editor
  • Mask Definition
  • Stack Definition
  • Proximity Exposure
  • Projection Exposure
  • Electron Beam Exposure
  • Resist Development

Additional Resources:

Quick Start Guide (PDF)
Training Videos

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