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AJA Sputter Deposition


Load-lock single wafer, AJA sputter tool for deposition of thin metallic and dielectric films

Manager: Tom Pennell
Backup: Jerry Drumheller
Equipment Training
General training is "hands on"and will cover DC and RF sputtering. Training takes 3 hours, which includes machine operation with a short film deposition. To avoid having to retrain on the machine, the AJA sputtering tool must be used within a week of getting trained.

Advanced training consists of reactive Sputtering with O2, or N2.

e-mail both Jerry ( or Tom ( to set up a training session, and discuss process applicability.


A cryopumped sputter deposition system allows deposition of a variety of metals and dielectrics. A full target list is available below. Both RF and DC sputtering is available on this system. This is a single wafer load-lock tool capable of accommodating up to 6 inch wafers. With rotation during deposition, less than 1% uniformity is encountered over a 4 inch substrate.


  • RF and DC sources
  • Cryopumped to 2E-8 Torr
  • Capacity: Single substrate - load-lock
  • Mass flow control for Argon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen
  • Substrate rotation
  • RF Backsputter and RF in-situ substrate clean

Processes Available:

Targets available (3 inch diameter)are: Al, Al+1%Si, Al+1%Si+4%Cu, Cr, Cu, MoSi, SiO2 (RF TARGET), Ti, TiW, W, Ta, Mo, Pt, Ge, Si, Nb

Process data consisting of grain structure, roughness, stress, depositions rates and step coverage is provided in a printed manual near the AJA tool. Furthermore, Additional Resources (section below) includes a link to a pdf file of the process data. The link is only visible when accessed from CNF computers .

Follow the target changing guidelines when requesting targets.


Additional Resources:

Equipment Information Sheet
AJA Target Changing Policy

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