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Gamma Automatic Coat-Develop Tool

CAC Name: Gamma

Suss MicroTec Gamma Cluster Tool

Backup: John Treichler , Daniel McCollister
Equipment Training
Training is to be scheduled with the tool owner. Please schedule training within 2-3 days of your first anticipated use.


The Gamma automated photoresist and wet processing system is designed to meet needs for clean, reliable and high throughput photolithography processing. The configuration is tailored to perform a variety of DUV photoresist and antireflection coatings, wafer baking, developing and spray coating for conformal resist wet processing tasks. The SUSS MicroTec Gamma system is equipped with a sender/receiver cassette for 100mm through 200mm wafers. Different wafer sizes can be processed simultaneously without any mechanical changeover.


- DUV resist and ARC coating
- Wafer baking
- Wafer developing
- Conformal coating on pieces to 200mm wafers

Processes Available:

- UV-210 resist coating and baking
- AR3 coating and baking
- One configurable resist line for custom user needs
- Conformal resist coating with Alta Spray module
- Post exposure baking and 726-MIF developing


The coating module is primarily dedicated to DUV resist and ARC processing. An additional line exists in the coating module that can be utilized for additional ARCs, such as DSK-101-312,4. However, various i-line and g-line resists can be implemented by user request. This line will only be changed if ten or more wafers require coating.

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Equipment Information Sheet


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