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Nanoimprint NX-2500

CAC Name: NX2500

Nanoimprint Lithography

Nanonex NanoImprint Tool Backup: John Treichler
Equipment Training
Training is held biweekly On Wednesdays from 10am to 11pm. Check Schedule Training on web page. Please be there on time.
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The NX-2500 is a multi-level nanoimprintor with imprint capabilities in thermoplastic, photo-curable and embossing. It offers excellent uniformity regardless of backside roughness of substrate and template and can correct waving and bowing of surfaces. This machine also eliminates relative lateral shifting between substrate and mold which affects mold lifetime. A very small thermal mass ensure rapid and cooling, resulting in fast process cycles.


Air Cushion Press, Excellent Uniformity, High Throughput

Sub 10nm Resolution (Template dependent)

Sub 1um Overlay Alighment

Fast Cycle Time (Sub-60sec)

Thermoplastic Imprint module
Temperature Range of 0 to 300 Deg C
Heating Rate >300 Deg C/min
Cooling Rate >300 Deg C/min
Pressure Range of 0 to 4 Mpa

Photocuring Module
200 W Narrow Band UV Lamp
Automatic Control

Mask Loading Capabilities
4,5, and 6 inch Masks

Substrate Handling
Maximum 100mm wafers
Unique Ability to Handle Irregular Shapes and Sizes

< 1 um 3 sigma Overlay Accuracy
X, Y ,Z Theta Stage
Split Field Optics and CCD Camera

Processes Available:

Thermoplastic, Photocurable, Embossing


Nanophotonics, Displays, Data Storage, Advance Materials, Biotechnology, Nano-fluidics, etc.

Additional Resources:

Equipment Information Sheet

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