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YES Vapor Prime Oven


Vacuum oven for HMDS wafer priming

Yield Engineering Systems LP-III Vapor Prime Oven Backup: Edward Camacho , Michael Skvarla
Equipment Training
Training is given one-on-one to users on request. Please contact the tool manager for training.


The YES LP-III is a vacuum oven that can be used for HMDS vapor priming. Using hexamethyldisilazane (HMDS), the unit functions as a standard vacuum vapor primer. Clean wafers are dehydrated through a series of heated (150C) evacuation and dry N2 (nitrogen) refills. HMDS vapor then evaporates into the evacuated chamber forming a monolayer on the wafer surfaces. Vapor priming is used to improve the adhesion of the photoresist to the wafer.


  • HMDS vapor priming for improved adhesion of photoresist

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