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Coral Lab Management System

Manager: David Botsch
Backup: Karlis Musa
Equipment Training
Please contact the tool manager if you need help


Coral is the lab management system. Logins to Coral are via Cornell NetID or Cornell GuestID. Coral can be run either "locally" on a Sunray or "Remotely" via the link at the top of the cnfusers website. "Remote" Coral requires the java runtime (available from

Most common issues:

* You won't be able to run Coral if you don't have at least one valid project and account.
* Don't just use the shortcut/alias to run "Remote Coral". Use the website link - preferably at least once per week, as a minimum at least once per month.
* If you have trouble logging into a Sunray, insure that "Caps Lock" isn't on (your Sunray Card remembers the Caps Lock setting)


For the user in the lab, Coral includes the following key capabilities:

* Allows equipment to be reserved in advance and to see who else has equipment reserved.
* Allows equipment to be enabled and disabled when in use to indicate to others that the equipment is in use.
* Report equipment problems and serious shutdown conditions.
* Quickly check on the operational status of each piece of equipment and examine more detailed reports of problem/shutdown conditions and their resolution.
* Allow checkout of laboratory supplies such as wafers, mask blanks, and storage containers.
* Optionally, collect and save run data during processing.

Additional Resources:

Coral Tutorial (requires Adobe Flash)
WhoIAm (Update your Contact Information in Coral)
Howto Use Coral

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