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Rapid Thermal Processer - AG8108

CAC Name: RTP 8108

Rapid Thermal Processer - AG8

AG8108 Rapid Thermal Processer Backup: Michael Skvarla
Equipment Training
Training lasts approximately 45 minutes. Please contact the tool manager to schedule training.
There are no training sessions currently scheduled.


The RTP 8108 is a rapid thermal processing tool capable of rapid thermal annealing and rapid thermal oxidation of 4" and 6" wafers at temperatures of up to 1150 degrees C. The tool is configured with Oxygen, Argon, Forming Gas (2.8% H2, balance Argon) and Nitrogen. Gas flow ranges are up to 10 SLPM.


The RTP 8108 is a MOS compatible tool. This tool follows all of the same restrictions that pertain to the MOS diffusion furnaces with respect to cleanliness and materials.

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