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GenISys Layout BEAMER - E-beam Pattern Conversion and Proximity Correction

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E-beam Pattern Conversion and Proximity Correction

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Equipment Training
Layout BEAMER training is part of the General Electron Beam Lithography Training. See


The preparation of large layout data for e-beam direct write requires a highly efficient, flexible and robust framework for design and execution of complex processes including layout handling, processing, PEC, process modeling & correction, inspection and conversion to the machine format. Layout BEAMER is a highly intuitive, process flow driven layout processing solution.


- VisualFLOWTM graphical user interface for drag & drop design of process flows
- Import of layouts in different formats
- Layout Viewer
- Extraction of cells, layers or regions of interest
- Export to different formats
- Layout operation (e.g. healing, tone-reversal, bias, Boolean functions)
- E-Beam Proximity Effect Correction
- Output formatter for different E-Beam machines

Additional Resources:

Beamer Tone Reversal
LayoutBeamer Manual
Training Videos (Flash Required)

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