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Electroplating Hoods

CAC Name: Elec Plate

Equipment for electroplating various metals

Electroplating Tank Backup: Aaron Windsor
Equipment Training
Training is performed by request. Please contact the tool manager to discuss your application and schedule a training session.


Tanks and solutions are available for electroplating on substrates up to 6 inch wafers. Applications include electroplating copper for damascene wiring, electroplating into resist molds to form high aspect ratio structures, and deposition of thicker films (> 5 µm) on substrates.

Processes Available:

  • Copper
  • Gold
  • Nickel

Additional Resources:

Equipment Information Sheet
CNF electroplating hoods user manual
Gold plating solution datasheet
Copper plating solution datasheet
Nickel plating solution datasheet


Over 2 microns of copper electroplated on a platinum seed layer using a photoresist mold.

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