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CVC Sputter Deposition


Magnetron Sputter system for depositing thin metal & dielectric films

CVC Sputter Deposition Tool Backup: Sam Wright
Equipment Training
Training is "hands on"and may use DC, RF, or both, depending on the target material(s) needed. Reactive Sputtering with O2, or N2 is also covered if needed. Training takes 3 hours, which includes machine operation with a short film deposition. e-mail to set up a training session, and discuss process applicability.


A cryopumped CVC 601 sputter deposition system allows deposition of a variety of metals. A full target list is available below. Both RF and DC magnetron sputtering are available. Materials can be co- deposited from two sources onto the rotating substrate. Eight-inch sputtering targets are used, allowing batch depositions over 3-inch to 6-inch wafers. Smaller pieces are easily used.


  • RF magnetron and DC magnetron sources
  • Substrate bias for bias sputtering
  • Cryopumped to 8E-8 Torr
  • Substrate ion beam cleaning station
  • Capacity: 10 - 3 inch wafers, 8 - 6 inch wafers
  • Mass flow control for Argon, Nitrogen, and Oxygen

Processes Available:

Targets available (8 inch diameter)are: Al, Al+1%Si, Al+1%Si+4%Cu, Co, Cr, Cu, Mo, MoSi, Nb, Si, SiO2, Ta, Ti, TiW, W

EVERY TIME YOU RESERVE THIS MACHINE IN CORAL, IT IS NECESSARY THAT YOU LIST ALL YOUR TARGET REQUIREMENTS IN THE “Process” Field WHEN YOU “Make” YOUR RESERVATION!! Target information for the CVC is found by “double clicking” the reservations on the schedule and reading the "Process" line.
Target changes are all arranged through e-mail requests, which must be made to Both Tom Pennell and Jerry Drumheller Before Noon on the previous target change day. CVC target changes are only done on Tuesday and Friday mornings. More information is found in the "CVC Sputter Deposition Reservation Rules".
If you see that machine time is available on the schedule, and the target(s) which you need are scheduled to be in the machine, then you are encouraged to schedule that time, and use the machine while the targets you need are installed.


Additional Resources:

Equipment Information Sheet
CVC Sputter Deposition target request and changing procedures

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