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CATS Pattern Conversion and Proximity Correction Suite

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Computer Aided Transcription System (CATS) Pattern Conversion Suite for CAD Data Manipulation and Conversion

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Fracturing, and the associated options and capabilities, is the heart of the Computer Aided Transcription System (CATS) package. The CATS tool takes in GDSII design data and converts it into the data formats needed to drive machines that write, measure and inspect masks and wafers. This may be the conversion of the polygons in design data (CIF™, DXF™ or GDS-II™) to the rectangles and trapezoids in an E-beam tooling file or inspection database, or it may be the rectangles and rotated rectangles in an optical pattern generator data file. It may also be the refracture of a set of data to perform scaling or sizing operations.


  • Fracturing: CAD data can be converted into data files ready for the GCA PG, JEOL 9300FS, or the Leica VB-6
  • Data Manipulation: Prior to fracturing the data can be resized, scaled, rotated, and many other options to optimize the pattern data.

Additional Resources:

CATS GUI Quick Start
Logging into the CNF Linux Conversion Computers

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