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BX-51 Fluorescence Microscope

CAC Name: BX51

BX51 Microscope, Sensicam Camera and Image ProPlus image software

Backup: Amrita Banerjee
Equipment Training
No formal training required. Read the instructions that are available as "additional info" at the bottom of this page. Then contact the tool manager with any questions and to be activated as a tool user in CORAL.


The microscope and digital image capture system is located in the CNF wet (biology) lab. The microscope has light pathways for transmitted or reflected brightfield, DIC, darkfield, and fluorescence (filters for TRITC, DAPI and FITC). The stage can accommodate devices, printed materials, microfluidic apparati, and cell cultures. It is available for use with fluorescent devices, particles or cells.

The digital CCD camera (Cooke Sensicam) and image analysis software (Image ProPlus v.6.2) system is available for inspection of live images as well as documentation, manipulation and analysis of images. Capabilities include: time lapse acquisition, optical density analysis, autotrace feature, filtering with fast Fourier transformation, counting, measuring, classifying, color segmentation and calculating population density. Moving objects (particles, cells, etc.) can also be tracked and quantified.

Additional Resources:

Equipment Information Sheet
Operating manual
Basic Concepts in Optical Microscopy
Basic Concepts in Fluorescence Microscopy
Image ProPlus Software analysis capabilities

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