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Suss MA6-BA6 Contact Aligner

CAC Name: MA6/BA6

SUSS MicroTech MA/BA 6 Contact Aligner

Suss MA/BA 6 Contact Aligner Backup: Garry Bordonaro , Michael Skvarla
Equipment Training
Training is offered weekly on a per need basis especially when there are new users. Please check the Training Schedule or contact the tool manager. Make sure before you request contact aligner training you have completed “General Lithography Training” since it is a prerequisite.


This contact aligner uses 280-350 nm light to expose wafers up to 150 mm diameter. The system features an infrared camera for alignment to patterns on the backside of the wafer. The versatile mask holder allows both round and square plates as masks, and the sample plate accommodates small and odd-shaped substrates.

Alignment Mark Placement for Bottom Side Alignment (BSA)

* BSA objective have a range of travel 24 to 95mm apart.

* The 100mm and 150mm substrate chuck have two rectangles for objectives to view the substrate.

* 100mm Substrate Holder
* Each rectangle is 3cm by 2cm center symmetric.
* Rectangles have diagonals of endpoints (-4.5,1), (-1.5, -1) &
(4.5,1), (1.5,1)

* 150mm Substrate Holder
* Each rectangle is 4.5cm by 2cm, center symmetric
* Rectangles have diagonls of endpoints (-6.5,1), (-2,-1) & (6.5,1)


  • Contact lithography system
  • Topside and Backside Alignment
  • Flood field exposure
  • Overlay accuracy to 1 um
  • Substrate size up to 150mm

Additional Resources:

Equipment Information Sheet
Contact Lithography Alignment Keys
Contact Aligner Resist Matrix

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