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Acid Etching Tanks

Tanks for hot Phosphoric acid and Nanostrip etching of wafers

Nanostrip Tank
Manager: Phil Infante
Backup: Christopher Alpha
Equipment Training
Hot Phosphoric Tank - Training is by small group classes scheduled as required and takes about 30 minutes. Please contact the tool manager to arrange a training. Nanostrip - No training is required beyond the normal general chemistry training. Follow the directions at the tank.
There are no training sessions currently scheduled.


A wet deck with various acid etching tanks and two spray dump rinsers is available for processing wafers. All tanks are recirculated with filtration to provide clean wafer processing. The tanks are sized to handle up to a 150 mm wafer boat. The following chemistries are present in the wet deck:

Hot Phosphoric Acid - Boiling phosphoric acid is used for etching silicon nitride selectively to silicon oxide. The tank is specifically designed for nitride etching with a controller that can maintain the phosphoric acid boiling point to within 0.5°C. This setup is for electronic grade substrates only.

Nanostrip - Nanostrip is a more stable version of the commonly known pirhana etch (Sulfuric Acid / Hydrogen Peroxide) and is used to remove residual organics.


  • Hot phosphoric acid
  • Hot sulfuric acid

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Equipment Information Sheet

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