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Hamatech Hot Piranha

Automatic Wafer Processor for SC-1 & Piranha cleans

Hamatech Hot Piranha Backup: Garry Bordonaro
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The Hamatech wafer processor is capable of doing a hot piranha (Sulfuric Acid and Hydrogen Peroxide) clean on photomasks (4, 5, & 7 inch) and wafers (3, 4, and 6 inch). It is also capable of performing ammonium hydroxide brush cleans of substrates.


  • Hot piranha clean
  • 4
  • 3
  • Ammonium hydroxide brush clean

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Equipment Information Sheet

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AJA Ion Mill Shut down dates.
Nov 26, 2014
The AJA Ion Mill will be shut down at 8:00 AM Monday December 22 so that the Grids can be sent to their manufacturer for Inspection and testing. It is expected that the grids will be returned, and the Ion Mill back up by some time Thursday January 8.


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