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Flexible Contact Aligner with DUV light source

HTG Contact  Aligner Backup: Garry Bordonaro


Hybrid Technology Group's (HTG) system III-HR contact/proximity mask aligner is a very versatile instrument with interchangeable light sources which allow UV (365-405 nm) as well as deep-UV (DUV) (220-310 nm) exposures in proximity (non-contact) or contact (soft & hard) modes. The "type IV" mask alignment tooling system accommodates masks up to 5-inch square and chips/wafers up to 100mm diameter. The type IV tooling system also features an air-bearing substrate-to-mask planarization system for wedge-error compensation. The printing resolution is <0.8 µm for near-UV, <0.4 µm for mid-UV and deep-UV in the hard vacuum contact mode. Exposures in the ultra-violet require quartz masks.


  • Contact lithography system with proximity and hard-contact options
  • Selectable exposure wavelength from 405 nm to 220 nm
  • Substrate size up to 100mm

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