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CNF Lab and Equipment Information

Click the tool name for detailed information.
ABM Contact Aligner (ABM)
Flexible 200mm Mask Aligner with DUV light source
ASML 300C DUV Stepper (ASML)
ASML PAS 5500/300C DUV Stepper
Autostep i-line Stepper (Autostep)
GCA Autostep 200 DSW i-line Wafer Stepper
Gamma Automatic Coat-Develop Tool (Gamma)
Suss MicroTec Gamma Cluster Tool
GCA 5x Stepper (5X)
GCA 6300 DSW Projection Mask Aligner, 5X g-line Stepper
Hamatech-Steag Mask Processors 
Automated Tools for Processing Photomasks
Hamatech-Steag Wafer Processors (191/219)
Automated Tools for Developing Wafers
Heidelberg Mask Writer DWL2000 (DWL 2000)
DWL2000 Laser Pattern Generator and Direct Writer
Heidelberg Mask Writer DWL66FS (DWL66FS)
DWL66FS Laser Pattern Generator and Direct Write System
JBA 1000 Photoresist UV Cure 
Tool for UV Curing of photoresist
Karl Suss RC-8 (RC-8)
SussTec GYRSET wafer spin tool
Manual Resist Spinners 
Resist Spinners
Nanoimprint NX-2500 (NX2500)
Nanoimprint Lithography
Photolithography Hot Plates 
Hot plates for baking photoresist
Resist Hot Strip Bath 
Heated solvent for photoresist stripping
SU-8 Hotplates (SU-8 hotplates 1-4)
Hotplates for baking SU-8-coated wafers
SUEX/ADEX Laminator (Class II laminator)
Laminator for SUEX and ADEX sheets
Suss MA6-BA6 Contact Aligner (MA6/BA6)
SUSS MicroTech MA/BA 6 Contact Aligner
Suss MJB4 Contact Aligner (MJB4)
Suss MicroTech MJB4 Contact Lithography Exposure Tool
Suss SCIL Imprint 
UV Imprint Lithography
YES Image Reversal Oven (YES NH3)
Photoresist image reversal oven
YES Polyimide Bake Oven (YES POLY)
Oven for curing polyimide and other polymer films
YES Vapor Prime Oven (YES)
Vacuum oven for HMDS wafer priming

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