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CNF Lab and Equipment Information

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CorSolutions Microfluidic Probe Station 
Characterization tool for microfluidic devices
Critical Point Dryer - Leica (Leica CPD)
Leica CPD300 critical point dryer
Critical Point Dryer - Tousimis (Tousimis CPD)
Equipment for critical point drying of MEMS structures to avoid stiction
Dicing Saw - DISCO 
DISCO Dicing Saw
Dimatix Printer 
Tool for printing a variety of materials onto substrates (Rm 224).
Hamatech Post CMP Brushcleaner 
Wafer processor for cleaning wafers after CMP
Hot Press 
Heated press for hot embossing
Ion Implant - Eaton (Eaton Implanter)
Ion Implanter
Logitech Orbis CMP (CMP - Orbis)
CMP (Chemical Mechanical Polishing)
Custom made drill for microfluidic through holes
MVD100 (MVD100)
Molecular Vapor Deposition Tool for Surface Modification
ObJet30 Pro 3D Printer (ObJet 3D Printer)
3D printer of UV curable plastics
PDMS Casting Station (PDMS station)
Plasma generator,curing ovens, vacuum jar and scale
Rapid Thermal Processer - AG8108 (RTP 8108)
Rapid Thermal Processer - AG8
RTA - AG610 (AG)
Rapid Thermal Anneal - AG Associates Model 610
Suss SB8e Substrate Bonder 
Universal tool for bonding processes for micro-electro-mechanical systems
Versalaser Cutting/Engraving Tool (Versalaser Engraver/Cutter Tool-Rm 224)
CO2 laser cutter/engraver

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