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CNF Lab and Equipment Information

Click the tool name for detailed information.
Accurion EP3 Imaging Ellipsometer (EP3-nanofilm)
Imaging Ellipsometer for Optical Characterization of Thin Films
Alpha Step 200 
AlphaStep 200 Surface Profiler
Bruker (Veeco) Dektak 6M profilometer (Dektak)
Tool for measuring step heights and surface roughness
CDE ResMap Resistivity 4-pt Probe (CDE)
Automatic 4 point probe resitivity mapper
FilMetrics Film Measurement Systems 
F40 / F50-EXR Optical Measurement Systems for transparent thin film measurement
FleXus Film Stress Measurement (FleXus Film Stress Measurement)
Noncontact tool for measuring film stress.
Leitz Film Measurement 
Leitz Film Thickness Measurement System
Malvern Nano ZS Zetasizer (Zetasizer)
Particle analysis tool for measuring size and zeta potential in solution
Malvern NS300 NanoSight (Nanosight)
Tool to measure particle size distribution and concentration
Metricon Model 2010/M Prism Coupler (Metricon)
Advanced optical waveguiding measurements
P10 Profilometer (P10 Profilometer)
Equipment for measuring surface topology in the micron or finer scales.
P7 Profilometer (P7)
Micro contact method for measuring surface topology on a nanometer or micron scale.
Rame-Hart-contact-angle goniometer (Rame-Hart)
Contact Angle Measurement Tool
Schott IR Inspector (SCHOTTIR)
The Schott IR Inspection Tool is a general all purpose semi-automatic inspection tool for front side, buried layers, and backside inspection. The machine can handle substrates size up to 200mm in Diameter.
Soft materials 4-pt probe (2nd fl.) 
Manual probe station - lab 228 Duffield Hall
VCA Optima Contact Angle 
Contact Angle Measurement Tool
Woollam Spectroscopic Ellipsometer (Woollam)
Variable Angle Ellipsometer for full optical characterization of thin films
Zygo Optical Profilometer (Zygo)
NewView 7300 noncontact surface height measurement system

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