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CNF Lab and Equipment Information

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Acid Etching Tanks 
Tanks for hot Phosphoric acid and Nanostrip etching of wafers
AJA Ion Mill (AJA Ion Mill)
Anatech Resist Strip (Anatech Resist Strip)
Anatech Plasma Asher
Aura 1000 Resist Strip (AURA1000)
Gasonics downstream asher for dry stripping of photoresist
Branson Resist Strip (BRANSON)
Oxygen plasma barrel asher for Photoresist/organic removal
Glen 1000 Resist Strip (GLEN1000)
Oxygen Plasma tool for removal of organics
Hamatech Hot Piranha 
Automatic Wafer Processor for SC-1 & Piranha cleans
Hamatech Hot SC1/SC2 
Automatic Single Wafer Processor for SC-1 & SC-2 cleans
KOH Etching (KOH Etch)
A heated bath of Potassium Hydroxide (KOH)
Oxford 100 Etcher (Oxford 100)
Oxford PlasmaLab 100 RIE System for fluorine based ICP deep SiO2/glass etching
Oxford 81 Etcher (Oxford 81)
Oxford PlasmaLab 80+ RIE System for fluorine based etching of oxide, nitride, & silicon
Oxford 82 Etcher (Oxford 82)
with endpoint detection
Oxford Cobra ICP Etcher (Oxford Cobra ICP)
Oxford Cobra HBr etcher
Primaxx Vapor HF Etcher (Primaxx)
Vapor HF Isotropic Release Etching
PT72 Etcher (PT 72)
PlasmaTherm 72 Fluorine based Reactive Ion Etcher
PT720-740 Etcher (PT720R740L)
PlasmaTherm720/740 Chlorine-based RIE system for Silicon & Aluminum etching
PT770 Etcher (PT 770)
PlasmaTherm 770 two chamber inductively coupled plasma etching system for plasma etching using Chlorine or Fluorine
Trion Etcher 
Cr ICP system
Unaxis 770 Deep Si Etcher (UN 770)
Bosch Etcher for deep silicon etching
Xactix Xenon Difluoride Etcher (XeF2)
Xactix XeF2 Isotropic silicon etch system
YES Asher (yesasher)
YES CV200RFS Oxygen Plasma Asher

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