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At Left: The 2016 CNF Staff
(University Photography)

Front Row (l to r): Aaron Windsor, Dave Botsch, Alan Bleier, Garry Bordonaro, Edward Camacho, Chris Ober, Don Tennant, Karlis Musa
Second Row (l to r): Jerry Drumheller, Vince Genova, Beth Rhoades, Xinwei Wu, Amrita Banerjee, Kelly Baker, Melanie-Claire Mallison, Rebecca Vliet, Dan McCollister, Sam Wright
Back Row (l to r): Phil Infante, Kathy Springer, Denise Budinger, Mike Skvarla, Jeremy Clark, Lynn Rathbun, John Treichler, Tom Pennell, Chris Alpha

Photograph is linked to a 300 dpi version.... 

All Staff Ever! pdf html

Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Facility (CNF)
250 Duffield Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York 14853-2700
Voice: 607-255-2329, Fax: 607-255-8601, Email:

Name Phone Cubicle Email
Christopher Alpha
User Program Manager
607-254-4913 258 alpha(at)
Kelly Baker
Cleanroom Technician
607-254-4837 251B baker(at)
Amrita Banerjee
Research Associate EBeam Lithography
607-254-4855 250J banerjee(at)
Alan R. Bleier
Research Associate
607 254-4931 262A bleier(at)
Garry Bordonaro
Photolithographic Engineer
607-254-4936 262 C bordonaro(at)
David Botsch
IT Support
607-254-4923 botsch(at)
Denise Budinger
CNF Financial Manager
607-254-4898 250L budinger(at)
Edward Camacho
Photolithography Engineer
607-254-4853 250E camacho(at)
Jeremy Clark
Plasma Processing and Tool Engineer
607-254-6487 clark(at)
Jerry Drumheller
Sputter Deposition, Ion Milling, Resist Ashing,Wire Bonding
607-254-4859 250D Drumheller(at)
Vince Genova
Etch Engineer
607-254-4907 250M Genova(at)
Phil Infante
607-254-4926 infante(at)
Melanie-Claire Mallison
CNF Public Relations & Publications Associate
CNF REU Program Coordinator
PARADIM REU Program Assistant
607-254-4858 350 Duffield Hall mallison(at)
Daniel McCollister
Interim Research Support
607-254-8207 mccollister(at)
Karlis Musa
Computer Systems
607-254-8313 CAD room musa(at)
Christopher Kemper Ober
CNF Lester B. Knight Director
607-254-6202 director(at)
Tom Pennell
Thin Film Deposition & Plasma Etching
607-254-4309 262 pennell(at)
Lynn Rathbun
CNF Laboratory Manager
607-254-4872 250E Rathbun(at)
Beth Rhoades
Sr. Biology Associate
607-254-4918 258 rhoades(at)
Michael Skvarla
CNF User Program Manager
607-254-4674 250G Skvarla(at)
Kathy Springer
User Program Assistant
607-255-2329 250 Springer(at)
Donald Tennant
CNF Director of Operations
607-254-6203 262 Duffield Hall tennant(at)
John Treichler
Electron Beam Lithography Engineer
607-254-4949 262E Treichler(at)
Rebecca Vliet
Administrative Support Specialist
607-254-4840 250N vliet(at)
Aaron Windsor
Thin Film Process Engineer
607-254-4831 windsor(at)
Sam Wright
Research Lab Technician
607-254-4836 250H Wright(at)
Xinwei Wu
Research Associate Thin Film Processes
607-254-4934 wu(at)

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