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At Left: The 2015 CNF Staff
(University Photography)

Left Inserts: Xinwei Wu, Jeremy Clark (Photos by Don Tennant)

Front Row: Lynn Rathbun, Beth Rhoades, Denise Budinger, Melanie-Claire Mallison, Aaron Windsor, Donald Tennant (Director of Operations), Daniel Ralph (Lester B. Knight CNF Director)

Back Row: Christopher Alpha, Sam Wright, Tom Pennell, Vincent Genova, Alan Bleier, Rebecca Vliet, John Treichler, Michael Skvarla, Karlis Musa, Edward Camacho, David Botsch, Garry Bordonaro, Amrita Banerjee, Phil Infante, Kathy Springer, Kelly Baker, Dan McCollister

Right Insert: Jerry Drumheller (Photo by Don Tennant)



All Staff Ever!

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Cornell NanoScale Science & Technology Facility (CNF)
250 Duffield Hall, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York 14853-2700
Voice: 607-255-2329, Fax: 607-255-8601, Email:

Name Phone Cubicle Email
Christopher Alpha
User Program Manager
607-254-4913 258 alpha(at)
Kelly Baker
Cleanroom Technician
607-254-4837 251B baker(at)
Amrita Banerjee
Research Associate EBeam Lithography
607-254-4855 250J banerjee(at)
Alan R. Bleier
Research Associate
607 254-4931 262A bleier(at)
Garry Bordonaro
Research Associate Photolithography
607-254-4936 bordonaro(at)
David Botsch
IT Support
(607)254-4923 botsch(at)
Denise Budinger
CNF Financial Manager
607-254-4898 250L budinger(at)
Edward Camacho
Photolithography Engineer
607-254-4853 250E camacho(at)
Jeremy Clark
Plasma Processing and Tool Engineer
607-254-6487 clark(at)
Jerry Drumheller
Sputter Deposition, Ion Milling, Resist Ashing,Wire Bonding
607-254-4859 250D Drumheller(at)
Vince Genova
Etch Engineer
607-254-4907 250M Genova(at)
Gleason (at)
Phil Infante
607-254-4926 infante(at)
Melanie-Claire Mallison
CNF Public Relations & Publications Associate
CNF REU Program Coordinator
PARADIM REU Program Assistant
607-254-4858 350 Duffield Hall Mallison(at)
Daniel McCollister
Interim Research Support
607-254-8207 mccollister(at)
Karlis Musa
Computer Systems
607-254-8313 CAD room musa(at)
Tom Pennell
Research Support Specialist
(607) 254-4309 262 pennell(at)
Daniel Ralph
CNF Lester B. Knight Director
607-254-6202 director(at)
Lynn Rathbun
CNF Laboratory Manager
607-254-4872 250E Rathbun(at)
Beth Rhoades
Sr. Biology Associate
607-254-4918 258 rhoades(at)
Michael Skvarla
CNF User Program Manager
607-254-4674 250G Skvarla(at)
Kathy Springer
User Program Assistant
607-255-2329 250 Springer(at)
Donald Tennant
CNF Director of Operations
607-254-6203 262 Duffield Hall tennant(at)
John Treichler
Electron Beam Lithography Engineer
607-254-4949 262E Treichler(at)
Rebecca Vliet
Administrative Assistant
607-254-4840 250A vliet(at)
Aaron Windsor
Thin Film Process Engineer
607-254-4831 windsor(at)
Sam Wright
Research Lab Technician
607-254-4836 250H Wright(at)
Xinwei Wu
Research Associate Thin Film Processes
607-254-4934 wu(at)

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Computing Services Outages
May 06, 2016
** This work is planned to start week of May 9 **

We will be reconfiguring the networking setup on some CNF Computing servers. This will result in brief outages of the following services:

Windows Printing
Linux Printing
Anonymous FTP
Lab Transfer Share
LEdit and Beamer Licensing
SunRays Experiencing Problems
Apr 29, 2016
We are seeing an abnormally large number of Sunray sessions refusing to connect with the usual "26D" message. Support cases are open with Oracle. In the meantime, please wait 5 minutes, and then try again. We apologize for the inconvenience.
Limiting Use of CNF Lab During CNF TCN, June, 8-10
Apr 20, 2016
Dear CNF Users:

The CNF clean room demonstrations are an integral part of the CNF short course, Technology & Characterization at the Nanoscale. Therefore the CNF TCN participants will be in the clean room the afternoons of June 8th-10th from 1:30-5pm each day.

You may want to consider avoiding the clean room on those afternoons.

Thank you for your consideration.

Monthly Reminders For May 2016 & Early Warnings on June 2016!
May 12, 2016
Dear CNF Users: [1] 2016 CNF Tech Reports Are Due May 27th; It is time once again to plan for the Cornell NanoScale Facility Research Accomplishments. Please read and follow the detailed instructions carefully! Thank you. [2] Steam Shut Down 2016; Please note the annual steam shut down on Cornell campus means the CNF labs and cleanroom will be CLOSED Tuesday May 31 thru 12 noon on Friday, June 3. Before coming to the lab on Friday, check in Coral to make sure the tool you want is up and running. ...more
Research Accomplishments Instructions
2016 CNF Tech Reports Due May 27th
Apr 27, 2016
It is time once again to plan for the Cornell NanoScale Facility Research Accomplishments. By FRIDAY, MAY 27TH, we need a TWO PAGE TECHNICAL REPORT from each CNF User (or small User Group working on the project). Please read and follow the detailed instructions carefully! Thank you.
Complete Instructions.....
Steam Shut Down 2016
Jan 25, 2016
Please note the annual steam shut down on Cornell campus means the CNF labs and cleanroom will be closed Tuesday May 31 thru Thursday June 2. Details will be posted as we get closer to the date.


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