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CNF and NBTC share a common sample and tool compatibility policy that applies to the equipment in the Duffield Hall cleanroom. The policy in its current form has been developed at CNF throughout the years of its operation. It enables nanofabrication for a wide range of applications including electronics and life science applications within one cleanroom. The regulations set forth in the policy have so far proven successful in protecting vacuum systems from contamination, in guaranteeing reproducibility of established dry etch processes, and in assuring the availability of CMOS fabrication capabilities. At the same time, they have enabled researchers at CNF and NBTC to use novel materials for new applications and to develop processes for these materials using the Duffield Hall cleanroom equipment.

The policy is based on: 1) allowing or restricting access to equipment based on the material of a potential substrate, 2) imposing cleaning protocols where necessary, and 3) separating and restricting access to key equipment necessary for CMOS fabrication.

           Sample & Tool Compatibility Policy, Compatibility_Policy.pdf

           The corresponding CNF equipment spreadsheet can be downloaded, 2016CNFEquipmentSpreadsheet.pdf

Please direct questions regarding the use of CNF equipment with samples containing biomolecules to Dr. Elizabeth Rhoades [email], phone: 607 254 4918.


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