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name:ULTRA-i 310 BP - FAST
physical form:Liquid
area of use:Photolithography
major ingredients:Ethyl lactate
revision date:Feb-99
MSDS:material safety data sheet


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Limiting Use of CNF Lab During CNF TCN, June, 8-10
Apr 20, 2016
Dear CNF Users:

The CNF clean room demonstrations are an integral part of the CNF short course, Technology & Characterization at the Nanoscale. Therefore the CNF TCN participants will be in the clean room the afternoons of June 8th-10th from 1:30-5pm each day.

You may want to consider avoiding the clean room on those afternoons.

Thank you for your consideration.

2016 CNF Tech Reports Due May 27th
Apr 27, 2016
It is time once again to plan for the Cornell NanoScale Facility Research Accomplishments. By FRIDAY, MAY 27TH, we need a TWO PAGE TECHNICAL REPORT from each CNF User (or small User Group working on the project). Please read and follow the detailed instructions carefully! Thank you.
Complete Instructions.....
Steam Shut Down 2016
Jan 25, 2016
Please note the annual steam shut down on Cornell campus means the CNF labs and cleanroom will be closed Tuesday May 31 thru Thursday June 2. Details will be posted as we get closer to the date.


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