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For your first visit to the Cornell NanoScale Facility (CNF), which will include the three-part New User Training, we strive to inform you of the capabilities of the CNF and the ways your research project can be addressed, highlighting any concerns.

The goal of the first visit is a preliminary run consisting of one level of lithography, a pattern transfer operation, and an inspection, with the researcher going home with a device, or at least one level of functionality for evaluation.

It is not uncommon for the first week to give such insight such that the project direction is modified.

In order to take part in the New User Training, you must follow the steps outlined at http://www.cnf.cornell.edu/cnf5_steps.html

We have a mandatory dress code for entering the clean room!  Please be sure to dress appropriately. 

A typical first week consists of:

  1. New User Training on Monday and part of Tuesday.

    • PLEASE NOTE: Monday is a long and busy day that includes Part 1 (Introduction to the CNF Cleanroom), SEI, CAD training, and Part 2 (Chemical Safety).  You'll be in training from 9am to 6pm. On Tuesday, your Part 3 training will take approximately two hours. (You must be dressed properly for the clean room both days.)

  2.  Litho trainings on Tues/Wed with photo or ebeam specific to their project -- usually the host strongly guides this interaction.

  3. By Wed/Thurs, the litho is in progress and being evaluated.

  4. More training on etch or deposition tools on Wed/Thurs.

  5. Pattern transfer (dep, etch, etc) on Thursday/Friday, with evaluation, evolution, etc.


This is a rough outline, of course. Each new user will have their own specific needs, goals and processes for reaching those goals.


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